Winning brands combine powerful, meaningful, inspirational messages delivered in ways that touch their audiences, with great products and services that perform to expectations, are credible and trustworthy. Great ad campaigns are often founded on deep psychological insights. The messages, delivered in novel and thought-provoking ways, increase the odds they’ll be shared virally by brand fans, who further add credibility and awareness. Great campaigns help brands avoid being commoditized and compete only on price. The Most Effective Online Ad Campaigns to capture people’s attention as they browse websites in the Google Display Network / Search Engine. You can select more than 3 different size of banners ads each time. We will manage & monitor it, make changes to try to increase performance once the advert is set up. It works by a bidding process so the more you are willing to spend, the more chance to have the ads appear.


PLANS                       YOUR BUDGET / month    +            % of MANAGEMENT FEE


A.  1  month              HKD 4,000 - 10,000                           40%

B.  3  months            HKD 4,000 - 10,000                           25 % 

C.  3  months            HKD 10,000 + up                               16 %


We recommend at least the 3 months plan or over to allow us to reach the most optimal strategy to suite your needs. Please contact us to discuss more details. Thank you.