Jomie's works has been recognized and she has received the credits and compliments regarding her designs by HRH Princess Diana Lenska in 2009. She assisted & arranged Dov Simen's Hollywood 2-Day Film School Event at the Hong Kong university for many film producers. Jomie leads the characteristics of various successful companies in the market.

In 2016, Jomie designed BW ARBINTL represents International Arbitrators who focus on International Commercial Arbitration & International Investment Arbitration that would be displayed at International Chamber of Commerce - 2nd (ICC) Asia Conference.  Jane Willems has been appointed as chairman, party-appointed arbitrator and sole arbitrator.


Jomie provided the print media solutions introducing Confirmation Asia Pacific that provides faster online audit confirmation solution, it connects to 4000 banks worldwide includes HSBC & Hang Seng Banks in Hong Kong. She provides professional corporate identity advisory, communication design, branding, corporate design, printing, marketing materials and paper printed items for designers, professional gurus, brand developers, companies, and global corporations.

She assisted the Hong Kong scientists that specializes in advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging technology to have a brand design in May 2017. Jomie has advised various professionals and companies to have branded official printed matters, corporate stationery, and paper items. The team has improved the quality of paper products and design stationery for various companies.


The European Royal Family members could receive her designed items. In April 2019, Jomie sponsored and supported Deep Blue Straws' 'Turning the tide on plastic pollution' on family fun day at Singapore American School. In June 9, 2019 - Jomie released the brand design of Newbridge Capital Partners in London.

A medium CK Sex Fragrances was featured by Calvin Klein that she created in 2010.

One of her taken photos could be featured and rewarded by Longines' Photos titled The 21st Century Longines' Beauty; to celebrate the new steel and gold line of this collection in Sept 2010. 

In 2012, Jomie provided her works of designs to FindDoc greeting to the doctors in Hong Kong and for it's indoor creation artwork followed with Feng Shui theme.

While in her teens, she's the youngest ever ballet coach at the YMCA in Hong Kong. In 1999-2000 she began poems in English. After only two attempts she had an unprecedented success. Based on her second ever poem in English (testimonial) Live Together, she was selected by The International Library of Poetry as one of the 33 fine poets for their anthology. She turned a passion and talent in the arts into a viable career and became a successful brand builder for individuals and companies.

In 2000, she assisted the manufacturer to design the most popular men's pants for JC Penny. She has consulted & published a fashion reference photos book Focus On Denim with a British designer for world famous and high street brands.


She was invited by the high-end German Menswear Brand to becoming 'A Girl With Men Shirts' on its 1999' poster in Japan and was being an editorial model for the Dec-Jan 2000 issue of Finance Asia magazine. Jomie's design black ties collections with the introduction by a Gentlemen Club in Switzerland in 2009. 

It's a new way of bringing fresh approaches to their branding and communications. Jomie works for various divisions from startups to world corporations; which could be extra advantages of her works to various businesses.